Woods Second Edition release date announced


Oakbound have announced the official release date of The Woods Second Edition, a folklore fantasy that scales from a roleplay system, through warband skirmish campaigns to a mass-combat battle game. The 200-page full-colour hardback rulebook (which features artwork from fantasy wargame veterans John Sibbick and Tony Hough alongside a host of other excellent artists) will be available from oakbound.co.uk  from Monday 8th April. The tome will retail for £20 and contains everything you need to immerse yourself in the dark age world of Talamhlar with its Celtic and European myth inspired inhabitants.



The Woods is a unique system which blends a strong, overarching narrative and character development with strategic gameplay. Planning ahead and timing are crucial as the diceless mechanic shifts the elements of chance to the players themselves. This is no simple smash and grab game! Stealth, coercion, manipulation of fate and interaction with environment are as key to successfully achieving your objective as martial prowess, and teamwork definitely pays off! Players of the first edition have described the classic British low fantasy aesthetic married to a modern, tactical ruleset as “One of my favourite game concepts”, “Probably the best skirmish system I’ve played” and “A breath of ‘old’ air in a new way”.