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BoLS Gamewire F.A.Q.

What is the BoLS Gamewire?

The BoLS Gamewire is a wargames and miniatures news syndicator, designed to get breaking manufacturer news directly to the wargaming public.  It is a viral news syndication platform that lets manufacturers reach hundreds of thousands of real world readers across a network of wargaming and miniatures websites at the touch of a button – all for free.

Who can use the BoLS Gamewire?

Any manufacturer who produces products for the wargaming industry is welcome to apply for a vendor account and joint the syndication network.  If your company makes physical wargames and or miniatures of any type, along with any related hobby and or licenced products including boardgames, novels, role-playing games and such the BoLS Gamewire is designed expressly for you.

What about Kickstarters and Crowdsourcing projects?

If your crowdsourcing product falls with the guidelines listed above for a wargaming and miniatures manufacturer, you are welcome as well.

Can retailers and hobby stores apply?

The BoLS Gamewire is expressly designed for manufacturers and unfortunately the system does not support retailers.  If you wish to directly advertise your store, please find full details on advertising with BoLS here including a look at some of our past and current advertising partners.

Are there any requirements for my company’s RSS feed?

First, go and check if your company’s RSS feed is valid and compliant with industry RSS feed standards.  You can enter your company’s feed at RSS validators such as this one to make sure all is well. Ask your IT resources for help with publishing a valid RSS feed if you need it.

Finally, make sure your are submitting a FULL RSS Feed.  The BoLS Gamewire cannot process truncated RSS feeds that only submit partial news releases.  Ask your IT resources for help with publishing a full RSS feed if you need to.

Can I post news directly in addition to my company’s RSS feed?

Absolutely. Once a vendor has been approved in the system, you can always login directly to manage your Gamewire account, and manually post breaking stories, products and anything else outside of your standard RSS feeds.

What if my company doesn’t have an RSS Feed?

The Gamewire works just fine for companies who currently do not have an RSS Feed. Companies without one can apply and once approved, use manual posting to syndicate their news on the Gamewire. They can add an RSS feed to their account at a later date to take advantage of the system’s fully automated posting. There is no need to wait to apply.

My company makes many products, how should I register for the system?

If your company makes a single set of related products, say for example a single wargame, or line of hobby products, it makes sense to apply a single time as your entire company and pick the best category your product line falls into.

If your company makes several very different wargaming products, for example BOTH a line of hobby products and a separate line of wargaming novels, you may want to apply for each product line separately so readers can more easily follow your individual product lines.  In a case like this, each application would need a different title, logo, and RSS feed that only included your news about that specific product line.  Ask your IT resources for help with publishing such individualized RSS feeds.

What is this BoLS Gamewire Wigdet?

The BoLS Gamewire newsfeed can be added to any website via one of our several offered widgets.  Simply go to the Widget Page here  and copy the HTML for the widget you want.  Paste it into your website anywhere you desire and recieve BoLS Gamewire news on your website 24/7.  Readers who sees the widget on any website, can simply click on the “get this widget” button  to be taken to the widget page to access the HTML.  This ensures the widget will grow virally, and expand the news syndication network across the internet.

How Much Does It Cost?

The BoLS Gamewire is free!  For manufacturers, you get additional marketing reach to hundreds of thousands of customers for free.  Bloggers and website operators can add the widget to their websites to gain access to news for free.  Wargaming customers can easily keep track of all their favorite products and brands on any website that is hosting the news syndicator.  It is a win-win-win for all parties.


What Do I Do next?


If you are a wargames manufacturer, apply right away and get your company RSS feeds hooked up to the BoLS Gamewire to syndicate your news to a giant audience.  You can also post directly into the new service for breaking news, or offers that your RSS feeds do not cover. Read our Vendor Best Practices for more marketing tips & tricks and system guidelines.

Bloggers and Web Publishers:

If you run a wargaming related website, grab the BoLS Gamewire widget right away and find a nice place  for it on your page.  You will now have a direct manufacturer news feed to keep tabs on the wargaming industry 24/7.


Enjoy all the news and breaking products from your favorite wargaming companies and new ones you never knew about 24/7.  Keeping tabs on your favorite hobby has never been so easy!

Welcome aboard and don’t be a stranger.

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