Wild West Exodus: May Pre-orders

Perfection Exists in Wild West Exodus

It goes without saying that Elita Nura fights with passion against any foe – those who have been tainted by the Hex may get some special treatment though.

Pre-order Elita Nura and her Portal Vanguard Posse from today!

The other members of the Spica Astraea have been hand picked by Nura; Aeron Bran who ascended through the ranks of the Spica in just a few years, Janna Salto is a fellow devotee of portal technology and has been working alongside Nura for many years, and Venatici Helios is utterly devoted to Nura. Along with Noth and Khaatan, two of Makara’s skilled Cor Caroli, the Portal Vanguard Posse truly is a deadly Order posse to wield on the battlefield.

Want to add a bit more bite to your Portal Vanguard Posse? You can order Legendary Elita Nura, available now, and have an even deadlier leader…

Not interested in the perfect comprehension of the universe yet? We have new Enlightened and Watchers on pre-order now, with a release date of 25th May 2019

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