WARMACHINE APP Update November 1st


Wednesday has arrived, which means it’s time for your weekly drop of new content and features in the WARMACHINE app!

This week’s updates for subscribers continues the story of Dragonfall. We’re now up to chapter 3, “By the Blade,” as we race toward a conclusion soon!

And this week’s additions to the app are:


  • Legion of Everblight: Added to Unlimited Arena


  • Avatar of Menoth: Avatar typo fixed
  • Blightbringer: Dragon’s Breath gains bullet point
  • Hierarch Severius: Cut Electro Leap
  • Makeda of House Balaash: Can now add warbeasts to battlegroup
  • Paingiver Taskmaster: FA 2, Cost 2
  • Reptile Hound: Animus typo fixed
  • Vulcan: Unnatural Affliction typo fixed

That covers it for this week! Tune in next week for the next Battle Forge…this one with a holiday feel!

Until then, beware the dragon breath…

The WARMACHINE MKIV app can be found via the links below.

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