WARMACHINE App Update May 8, 2024


Wednesday has arrived, which means it’s time for your weekly drop of new content and features in the WARMACHINE app!

This week’s update for subscribers is the latest Battle Forge entry, “Cairn Control,” which lays the groundwork for an exciting battle over ancient Orgoth relics. Check out this set-up:

Dark magic resides in ancient ruins. Woe be to those who dare to set it free or fight to contain it. Death awaits all.

“Cairn Control” is adapted from the Bounty Battle scenario run in our Siege of Scarswall Legendary Event. The scenario is designed to be played with a Soul Cairn and three Ancient Monolith terrain items produced by Privateer Press. But if you don’t have that terrain, you can substitute a suitable hill for the cairn and any small obstructions for the monoliths. Rules for interacting with the Soul Cairn and Ancient Monoliths can be found in the terrain section of Force Building in the WARMACHINE app.

In “Cairn Control,” one player takes on the role of the Invaders and attempts to secure an ancient Orgoth soul cairn to tap into its reservoir of dark magic. The other player takes on the role of the Defenders, who are attempting to defend their homeland by preventing the Invaders from using the cairn. To do this, they must destroy a trio of protective monoliths that surround the cairn.

And then, here are this week’s additions and corrections to the app:


Machine Wraith Dominator: Added to Necrofactorium

Master Necrosurgeon Sepsira: Added to Necrofactorium

Mechanithrall Swarm: Added to Necrofactorium

Necrosurgeon Initiates: Added to Necrofactorium

Skarlock Lieutenant: Added to Necrofactorium


Bane Witch Agathia: Feat specifies friendly Faction cohort

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for even more subscriber-only content—a new compendium from Jason Soles!

The WARMACHINE MKIV app can be found via the links below.

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