WARMACHINE App Update May 22, 2024


Wednesday has arrived, which means it’s time for your weekly drop of new content and features in the WARMACHINE app!

This week’s update for subscribers is the latest compendium from Jason Soles: the Necrofactorium, Cryx’s means to a brutal end. Check out this excerpt for a taste of what’s to come for the Iron Kingdoms:

The Necrofactoriums were originally established by the venerable Lich Lord Daeamortus long before his destruction at the hands of Asphyxious. Daeamortus had the first Necrofactoriums created centuries ago on the main island of Cryx. They were built as a means of centralizing thrall and warjack production and to standardize the work of the necrotechs. They originally included the Catacombs of Blackwater, Lich Lord Mortenebra’s facility outside Skell, and the Rigs in Dreggsmouth. Each competed against the others to turn out ever-greater numbers of thralls and even more terrible weapons of war.

It was not until the last century that Cryx decided to establish Necrofactoriums on the mainland to better capitalize on the wars of the living and to maintain bases closer to prime locations for the harvesting of necrotite. These Necrofactoriums also served as hidden bases that provided for both easier resupply for Cryxian agents as well as listening posts to better track the movements of the dragons occupying the mainland. The greatest of these Necrofactoriums was established by Lich Lord Asphyxious with the aid of the Cephalyx beneath the Thornwood decades ago, and it proved vital to the Cryxian war effort until its eventual discovery and loss in late 609 AR….


Though in its weakened state, Cryx had determined to remain neutral in the new war ushered in by the Second Invasion, the Orgoth had other ideas. Cryx had plumbed the depths of soul mastery beyond even the Orgoth, from whom they had stolen it, and had learned much of the ascension of the gods through the experiments of the Lich Lord Asphyxious, who was lost at the end of the Infernal War, so the Orgoth now came to Cryx desiring the knowledge of how to slay a god. In return, they offered the athanc heartstone of Blighterghast, the most powerful of Toruk’s dragon progeny and the sentinel that most vexed the Nightmare Empire’s ambitions in the Dragon War. Making good on their offer, the Orgoth presented Cryx with Blighterghast’s athanc a short time later, not only removing the greatest obstacle in Toruk’s war against his children but also providing him with a balm that would not only restore his vitality in short order but would also make him more powerful than he had been in eons.

With Toruk now rapidly returning to his former might, an invigorated Cryx once more turns its hungry eyes to the mainland. With the cities of humanity yet standing against them, Cryx prepares to join its Orgoth allies against the nations of the Iron Kingdoms. The spear tip of its fell assault will once more be the Necrofactoriums of the mainland that provide Cryx with its terrifying unliving legions that are as prepared as ever to “rise from beneath to consume their enemies whole.”

And then, here are this week’s additions and corrections to the app:


-Forces of WARMACHINE: Brineblood Marauders: Added


-Steamroller 2024: Several typos corrected, Invasion Map updated

-Core Rules: in the Disengaging section, change

“A model that begins its Normal Movement engaged and advances out of one or more non-Incorporeal enemy models’ melee ranges during its Normal Movement must forfeit its Combat Action that activation.”


“A model that begins its Normal Movement engaged by one or more non-Incorporeal enemy models and advances out of one or more of those models’ melee ranges must forfeit its Combat Action that activation.”

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for even more subscriber-only content—a brand-new Heroes and Villains entry to the ongoing cast of characters in the Iron Kingdoms!

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