WARMACHINE App Update May 15, 2024


Wednesday has arrived, which means it’s time for your weekly drop of new content and features in the WARMACHINE app!

This week’s update for subscribers is the latest compendium from Jason Soles: the Abyssal Kings. The history and current activities of these horrors is a feast (so to speak) for fans, and it begins like this:

The Abyssal King is a primordial horror of another age, an abomination exemplifying trollish indomitability and capacity to adapt to any environment no matter how harsh or inhospitable. While trollkin legends describe the origins of the great kings, their terrible hunger and the destruction that hunger wrought, the brave heroes who sacrificed themselves to chain them beneath the mountains, and of their endless sleep, of the Abyssal Kings there is no mention. Even when the aged and grizzled shaman Hoarluk Doomshaper awakened the kings of the mountains, glaciers, and seas, he did not trifle with the Abyssal Kings, for they were beyond his ken. For certain, there were the old stories of the monstrous beasts that inhabited the deep waters off Immoren’s southern shores, but of the Abyssal Kings, he knew nothing.

It was Admiral Thorga Boomhowler who would seek out the mighty Abyssal Kings and bind them into service of the Southern Kriels. After all, it was she who had turned the Sea Kings against the Brineblood fleet to save both her ship and crew when she trespassed into their ancient and sacred graveyard. And it was she they named “Revenge Food” in their bitter and endless acrimony, their promise to devour her whole should she ever venture too close to their waters again…

And then, here are this week’s additions and corrections to the app:


-Discerptor Eviscerus: Added to Necrofactorium

-Duo battles (100 points): Added to match type

-Malefactor: Added to Necrofactorium

-Raptor: Added to Necrofactorium


-Alexia, Queen of the Damned: Will also work for the Gravediggers

-Captain Firequill: Gains the Gun Mage sub-head

-Carver Ultimus: Will also work for the Gravediggers and Necrofactorium

-Eiryss, Shadow of Retribution: Will also work for the Gravediggers

-Greygore Boomhowler: Will also work for the Gravediggers

-Hades: Arm 18

-Hellyth, Scyir of Nightfall: Gains the Gun Mage sub-head 

-Magnus the Unstoppable: Will also work for the Gravediggers and Necrofactorium

-Master Necrotech Chatterbane: Weapon gains Damage type Corrosion and Critical Corrosion

-Maulgreth, The Charnel Plague: Will also work for the Necrofactorium

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for even more subscriber-only content—the second compendium this month from Jason Soles, this one a Cryxian one you won’t want to miss!

The WARMACHINE MKIV app can be found via the links below.

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