WARMACHINE App Update May 1, 2024


Wednesday has arrived, which means it’s time for your weekly drop of new content and features in the WARMACHINE app!

This week’s update for subscribers the latest installment in the Emergence saga by Erik Reiersen as the battle between factions reaches an epic finale. Check out this excerpt:

From the sacrifice-disposal pit located behind the relic appeared another servant of Rhyas. Shyryss had three more envenomed kunai drawn, but she would not need them. More Quickfangs appeared from the chute and grouped behind her, poised to strike.

As Vayl’s last warbeasts were cut down and Rassyk’s forces approached, they stood aside against the wall, making a wide path. The sweet soprano ring of a drawn blade preceded Rhyas as she stepped carefully toward Vayl. And as he mended his wounds, Rassyk cautioned her that something was amiss, that this location was no accident.

Rhyas closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and reached out with her mind, seeking the locations of the rest of the athanc shards. She spoke with a hint of Saeryn’s voice inharmoniously overlaying her own. “Lylyth is still miles away, and the rest are across the world. No one can save her.”

And then, here are this week’s additions and corrections to the app:


-Abyssal King: Added to Brineblood Marauders

-Hades: Added to Necrofactorium

-The Furies: Added to Necrofactorium

-Kapitan Yana Kovoskiy: Added to Winter Korps

-Master Necrotech Chatterbane: Added to Necrofactorium

-Necrofactorium: Added to Prime Arena

-Wraithbinder Nekane: Added to Necrofactorium


-Braghen Ragemonger: Change the text of Critical Weaken to “”On a critical hit, a living model hit suffers –2 DEF and –2 to its melee attack damage rolls for one round.”

-Captain Rengrave: Change the text of Shadow Fire to “A model hit by this attack does not block LOS for one turn.”

-Core Rules: Infernals—Damage Transference spelling corrections

-Dire Wolf: Overtake Head Cost 2

-Hydrix: Blade Back Cost 2

-Kontroller: Gains Resistance: Blast

-Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet: Change the text of Shadow Fire to “A model hit by this attack does not block LOS for one turn.”

-Stryker: Overtake Head Cost 2

-Tyrant: Overtake Head Cost 3

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for even more subscriber-only content—a new Battle Forge, “Cairn Control”!

The WARMACHINE MKIV app can be found via the links below.

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