The Wargaming Terrain Collection – 20+ Files for 3D Printing – is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Let’s cut right to the chase so you can get in on the action!  Click RIGHT HERE to go to the Kickstarter!

It has been nearly 4 months of production work, endless hours of late nights building and remodeling, but the time has come for everyone to get their hands on these incredible models.

SimplePolytrix has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign, and it already is halfway funded.  This could begin bringing in Stretch Goals, and two have already been hinted on the page.

So what do you get when you back?  Well first, you can opt to just back for 1 or 3 models if you have your eyes on a prize or two but funds are a bit tight this month.  However, the SimplePolytrix Collection holds 19 models with a 6 piece objective marker set for those who bring them to the table.

These models are ready to go!  There will be no waiting until “Third Quarter of 2085.”  These files will be available within a week of the conclusion of the campaign.  This includes all Stretch Goals!  The offer is too incredible to pass up.

Here are a few pics to show what you will get!


SimplePolytrix Collection



Turret Tank

















Cathedral Ruins