Wargaming mat “Homeland” by Warzone Studio + coupon

Homeland, a new wargaming mat for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Flames of War and other games is now finally ready. Glad to tell you that old “Emerald” is now replaced by new textures and a new composition of “Homeland”.This new design ideally suits any valley/village/forest terrain on your board. It is one of our universal designs because nearly every wargame can be played on grass.

+Special gift:  a сoupon code “BOLSARMY” grants you and your friend free 3rd mat in order (1+1=3).



Mike (WNW games) 1 reviews
No more synthetic grass, this mat is what we need. Looks very real. 5 stars, anyway!


What is it? Huge plotter prints on a vinyl sheet, melting material with special acid to make inks set on vinyl more solid. A material of wargaming mat is very solid, it can’t be damaged by placing terrain on it, by water, by moving miniatures or by your feet.  It is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to create your own battle board. Mats come rolled in a special tube with strap, so it is ready-to-go, you can put it even on the floor and start to play. Really good wargaming mat for everyday use.


Russian project “Warzone40k.com” works worldwide! A multinational team of designers has produced unique mats for all popular table wargames: Warhammer 40K, AoS, Warmachine&Hordes, Infinity, X-Wing, Armada and others. Moreover, work never stops, new mats are appearing from time to time, check out Facebook page!