2024 Legendary Event Series

AdeptiCon is almost upon us, and this year’s Legendary Event Series for WARMACHINE MKIV is about to begin!

Each of the first two events will influence the course of the event that follows, and the final event of the series will have a direct impact on the course of the WARMACHINE saga, as well as determine which armies will gain access to a unique model in the year to come. Last year’s Dragonfall event was won by the Iron Kingdoms Defenders, giving them an ally in Krueger, Wrath of Blighterghast. What fortunes awaits this year’s champions, and what story will they carve in the annals of the Iron Kingdoms? In battle, those answers await…

After a year of punishing assault from the Orgoth invaders, the nations of the Iron Kingdoms have barely managed to regroup and replenish resources as they prepare for the next campaign to come.

Emboldened by their newly struck alliance with Cryx, the Orgoth raiders focus their invasion south, intent on overrunning Ord and reclaiming long-forgotten caches of ancient artifacts as they march toward Cygnar. But first, they must overcome Ord’s Markus Wall at Scarswall, an impenetrable fortification that has never been breached.

Driving a horde of titanic monstrosities before them, the Orgoth lay siege to Scarswall, determined to punch through the mighty barrier, clearing the way for their legions to continue their conquest of the Iron Kingdoms. But if the allied forces of western Immoren can hold the wall, the Orgoth will be forced to take a more circuitous route to wage their southern campaign, buying precious time for the allies to rebuild their war machines and meet their invaders with renewed force.

The Siege of Scarswall will play out across three Key Battle tables and five Bounty Battle tables. All battles are 1v1, but players have multiple ways to assist their allies in other battles and to influence the overall outcome of the event.

In the Key battles, Defenders will attempt to hold off the Invaders, who will be marshalling multiple fearsome Gharlghast monstrosities in an effort to bring down the defenses of Scarswall and unleash the massive beasts into the lands beyond.

In the Bounty battles, players will vie for control of ancient soul cairns in order to gain Rush tokens and War Chest coins, which they can allocate to generals in Key battles in order to provide advantages that will influence the ongoing conflict.

Played out over four days, the damage done to Scarswall will be ongoing. The Invaders will claim victory if, by the end of the fourth session, they manage to breach the main gates and two sections of wall and unleash six Gharlghasts within. The Defenders will save the day if they can prevent more than three Gharlghasts from getting through.

The victors will bestow an advantage on their alliance in the next Legendary Event at Gen Con 2024.

Starting Thursday, March 21st, registered participants of the Siege at Scarswall may sign up in the event area to declare their allegiance with the Invaders or Defenders. Allegiance selection is first come, first serve. Participants who do not declare their allegiance prior to their event will be assigned to an alliance.


From the desk of Playtest and Organized Play Manager Loren Lower, who has been hard at work prepping terrain for the Legendary Event at AdeptiCon and will also be officiating the event. Watch for rules for the Ancient Monolith and Soul Cairn terrain pieces in the WARMACHINE app soon!

Ancient Monolith

Soul Cairn

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