Tabletop Adapters: New Kickstarter Launched NOW!

Do you feel the hassle of going out for a game night? Does it take forever to move horde armies? Use Thunder Trays!

The Thunder Tray is a new type of tray that aims to help wargamers lower the hassle of going out to play. It will speed up movement of miniatures in and out of storage, transportation and while gaming. All in one solution. Allowing you to move miniatures multitudes faster in battle as well on the shelves.

The design is unnoticeable to the eye. By using magnets on the miniatures, you can bind them all as one. The product is powder coated steel, which makes it very long lasting and wont easily scratch.

Combine miniatures on the tray, by attaching magnets underneath each model.

Speed up your gameplay by moving 5 miniatures as one. Playing horde armies becomes a quick affair!

Dismount dead miniatures with ease, snapping them off the Tray and into the case.

Seamless fit included. Your opponents won’t even notice a tray is used.

Coated Steel helps to create an enduring product that will endure wear and tear from magnets and miniatures.

Store miniatures on Trays to quickly gather them for a game night. Either using magnets directly in the case, or using zig zag foam for Trays.

You can pledge your support and gain trays for a nice discount! Help to bring this product to life TODAY!



Created by Tabletop Adapters

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