Sunsetting War Room 2 on May 15

Nearly two years into the MKIV edition of WARMACHINE, the time has finally come to bid farewell to the War Room 2 app. Recent policy changes from Google Play have rendered the app unusable on many platforms while the ongoing expense of maintaining servers for the app is a monthly loss for Privateer. As such, we will discontinue support for War Room 2 on May 15, 2024, and the app will cease to function across all platforms.

It is our sincere hope that this poses little concern for anyone and that, if you are engaging with WARMACHINE, you are currently enjoying the new WARMACHINE app so much that you forgot War Room 2 still existed. If you are still using War Room 2, we hope you will take this opportunity to migrate to the new WARMACHINE app, where you will find all of the game rules and cards for every model ever made for WARMACHINE and HORDES updated to the current MKIV edition and available to you entirely for free.

The WARMACHINE app is available, free to download, on the Apple App Store and Google Play, as well as for Windows and Mac.

The WARMACHINE MKIV app can be found via the links below.

OSX – Click Here
WIN – Click Here

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