SPQR: A Hero’s Journey

Warlorder Tom takes us on a journey down glory road, showing off how your heroes develop over the course of an SPQR campaign!

Humble Beginnings

“No man or woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny.” – Homer

Heroes are the centrepiece of your SPQR warband. They have access to a huge range of abilities and wargear – allowing you to customise them to complement your chosen faction and the units of minions that form the main body of your force!

Upon purchasing your hero, you’ll have a few key choices to make. First, you can increase two of their characteristics by +1, or one characteristic by +2. Consider what kind of hero you want – are they a keen-eyed archer, or an axe-wielding barbarian?

Balcaldur, the Sword of the Underworld

Take the Sword of the Underworld from my Iberian warband as an example. He’ll need a statline to back up his reputation as a peerless swordsman – I chose to increase his Melee skill from +2 to +3, and his Melee dice from 2D to 3D.

Now, my hero will be able to roll 3 dice in close combat, which will hit on 3s instead of 4s.

With the stat increases chosen, your next step should be to outfit your hero with weapons and armour.

I chose to give my hero a two-handed sword, a dagger, and a helmet. While lightly armoured, he can carve up the opposition with his massive blade, hopefully before they have a chance to react!

I’ve spent some extra points to make my hero level 2, giving him an extra talent and wound!

The final step is to choose some talents that complement my hero’s characteristics and gear selection. I’ve chosen talents from the Sword of Vengence tree – Wall of Iron, Lethal Blade and Blademaster.

The Sword of Vengence talent tree

The Hero’s Journey

The Sword of the Underworld faces down the hated invaders!

After playing a few games, my hero has earned enough experience to level up! I add 25 points to his cost and gain an additional characteristic advance and a talent!

To increase my hero’s combat prowess, I’ve given him an additional melee dice – now he rolls 3 dice, which hit on a 2+. Combined with the Lethal 3 special rule (provided by the Blademaster talent), these attacks reduce enemy armour saves by -3, and deal 3 wounds per hit.

I’m also going to open the Hammer to Anvil talent tree with the Careless Charge skill – making it easier to close the distance and get into combat!

The Hammer to Anvil talent tree

To Battle!

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