Secret Weapon Miniatures Bag O' Crap

So what happens to all of the products that don’t meet our incredibly high quality standards!? We toss them in a bin and then package them up and sell them at an incredible discount! 
All it takes if for one tiny hole to pierce the side of a base to go into the bin. Most of these things can be fixed with some putty, but they are not something we want to use for general consumption. Which is great for you, because we have put around 1 pound of resin in the bag! 
Bag O' Crap
The bags contain a random assortment of product and “may” include display bases, terrain, round lip or beveled bases in all sorts of sizes. 
Because of the nature of this product, it is a limited supply so if you are looking to get some assorted goodies, this is the Bag to check out!