Sculpting The Necrofactorium

A very long time ago, I walked into my LGS and picked up a game called WARMACHINE. It was a starter box with four models (I think; those days are getting fuzzy!) and some black-and-white profile cards. I picked up the rulebook to go with it, also in black and white. As I’d been a fan of the undead for many years, Cryx seemed like the ideal spot for me, and when I got that first look at Asphyxious art in the book, I was sold. Now, it took me awhile to get Asphyxious—seemed that this game was getting some attention, and it was a pretty small company, so there was some demand for backstock.

Jumping ahead…

While learning 3D modeling in school, I did several fan projects that included attempts at sculpting Lylyth, Sorscha, and Wraith Witch Deneghra.

I failed miserably at all three.

Jumping again.

One day, I made it to Privateer. And over the years, I had the opportunity to sculpt many Cryx models, including another shot at Wraith Witch Deneghra, Aikos x2, Deneghra3, Skarre3 and crew, Satyxis Raiders, Bane Commander, Deneghra0, Agrimony, Bane Witch Agathia, Bloody Buccaneer Skarre…whew, it’s a lot.


I never got to sculpt a Cryx ’jack. In fact, the only warjacks I worked on during all these years were a variety of Retribution of Scyrah ’jacks and, most recently, all of the Dusk ’jacks. But I didn’t even think about this sculpting deficit until after I had been given all of the Necrofactorium warjacks to sculpt: Malefactor plus all the weapon and head options, the Raptor with all of its head options, Hades, and, finally, the Grendel pack. This was going to be a workload.

I jumped in fast on these, and to tell the truth, the process went remarkably smooth. It’s always a challenge figuring out the multiple options on a chassis like the Malefactor or the Raptor, but I was able to draw on my experience working on the Eidolon and Ghast chassis.

With Hades due for release first in the Necrofactorium and the Malefactor and Raptor warjacks close behind, I thought this would be a good time to share my experience on this project along with a few renders that came along during the process (as always, renders are not final models)!

That’s all for now—I have a homicidal maniac waiting to be sculpted. Here’s hoping I live through the process.

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