RPG Battlegrid: Pwork Wargames RPG support material

RPG Battlegrid: Pwork Wargames RPG support material
Classic’s Pwork besteseller for RPG players! We want to present an awesome Pwork RPG accessory: RPG Battlegrid
RPG Battlegrid is a gaming mat printed on high-quality PVC material and created for roleplaying games. Its surface is “rewritable”: you can write on It and then delete all using water-based marking pens, returning the Battlegrid clean and ready for another adventure.
RPG Battlegrid offers you the possibility of setting your adventures in RPGs with precision and attention to details. A dungeon full of rooms, traps and treasures, the halls of a castle, the interior of an inn, a glade in a forest, the dark depths of an abandoned mine: on RPG Battlegrid you can recreate all of that and, once finished to play, delete everything with a sponge, literally!

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RPG Battlegrid is light-weight and easy to transport, easy to store when unused, resistant and durable. It doesn’t have texturized surfaces, with its high-quality print It will turn for the better the atmosphere and the aesthetics of your favourite roleplaying games.
You can easy clean its surface with a damp cloth: It’s very important that you remember to use always and only water-based marking pens to write on RPG Battlegrid, if you do that you will be able to clean anything you have written or sketched on It without leaving any sign. If you will use normal marking pens you will not be able to clean what you have written on It because the PVC surface of RPG Battlegrid will soak the ink up, pay attention please.

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RPG Battlegrid: Pwork Wargames RPG support materialRPG Battlegrid: Pwork Wargames RPG support material


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