RGG 360° Ergonomic handle for miniature painting: Live on Kickstarter!


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When painting miniatures, you cannot hold your miniatures with bare hands: You need a miniature handle. Today, there is no straight forward solution on the market: they are either too clumsy, not ergonomic, or overly expensive.

That’s why we created RGG 360°, the first natural ergonomic handle for miniature painting.

With our unique design, you will be able to hold your miniature for long and comfortable painting sessions. No more cramps, no more unnecessary movement, just having fun painting.

RGG 360° has been designed by painters for painters and developed with the feedback of pro-painters.

It is already considered like the best tool available.


RGG 360° is the only natural ergonomic handle designed to create the best connection between you and your miniature, help you adopt the best painting position and minimise unnecessary movements.
The added benefits are greater stability, better precision and minimised fatigue to paint for hours.
Many do not pay attention to the handle of their holder. It is however at the heart of your painting experience. The handle is how you connect with your miniature. It needs to be perfect. We perfected it for months!
RGG 360° is the only handle designed to fit naturally in your hand with its unique shape.
As there is no strain on your hand and fingers, you won’t have to move them and you can enjoy full control of your miniature.
Once you have it in your hand, there is no turning back.
360° rotation axis is not an afterthought, it is inherent to the natural ergonomic design. Thanks to the handle, you can rest comfortably your wrist on the desk when painting. The 360° rotation allows you then to access any part of your miniature fast and reliably. No more parasitic movements. You will rediscover the joy of painting.
No additional accessories needed. You have the best handle and the best mounting solution for the best price! Exclusive, save on the retail price, only 10€ a piece during the KS.

Adopt the best painting handle, for a pleasant, fun and perfect painting session