Reinforcements Requisitioned

Hey, Deadzone players! Also, hello to anyone who didn’t catch yesterday’s piece on why you should be a Deadzone player.

If you’ve played a few campaign games – and let’s face it, that’s the best way to play – you’ll soon find yourself wanting to expand your Strike Force. While the Faction Starter set gives you a few options, the real joy is building your force in a way that’s unique to your play style. That’s why we’re releasing a set of Deadzone Faction Booster Packs – smaller sets that contain a few miniatures to add to your collection. These will be made available to pre-order at the Mantic Shop from this Friday, so make sure you head there to check them out!

As an example, here’s what’s coming out for the Enforcers:

Enforcer Troops Booster - £9.99

Enforcer Troops Booster – £9.99

The Troops Booster is a basic upgrade set containing five Enforcer troopers. You get five bodies, four sets of Heavy Laser Rifle arms, one set of Assault Blade / Pistol arms, and one set of Burst Laser arms. The spare set of arms gives you some options for variety within the set, and when you start playing around with bending restic you can get loads more. If you haven’t seen this album of photos on Facebook, it’s great for some inspiration; all of the components (except for the unhelmeted head) were taken from this set!

Enforcer Specialists Booster - £9.99

Enforcer Specialists Booster – £9.99

I can see the Specialists booster being a popular one – the Sniper’s an incredibly popular miniature, and Sentry Guns are awesome! (By the way, check out the latest errata over at Quirkworthy for a quick update to their rules.)

Enforcer Captain - .49

Enforcer Captain – $6.49

Finally, we have the Enforcer Captain. It’s a great model, with a real sense of weight to it – entirely appropriate considering the size of that Peacekepper armour! There’s a choice of two heads (sinister helmet or grim visor-up expression), and the cloak’s a separate piece if you’d prefer not to attach it. (You just need to do remove a tiny bit at the back of the shoulders.) Furthermore, you can swap pieces out with the existing Warpath Enforcer Captain for even more variety!

We’ll be having a look at the Plague Boosters later in the week. Remember, head to the store on Friday to place your pre-order!