Pump house and stretch goals for Dynamic buildings.

 More stretch goals and a look at the Pump house building.



Over the weekend we unlocked 3 more stretch goals including the first new building kit.

 The first of the mini 3d prints sets are these little warning cones, they come in a set of 5

 A set of four tall flood lights has also been unlocked

Lastly the first of the new building kits has been unlocked, this is the Assault drill launcher.

A video running a demo program of this building has been added to the main campaign see the building section.

Below are the new stretch goals that i have added today.

A small skip and contents great to add flair to your buildings.

 The heat sync is a small kit with a rotating fan. You can add this to the roof or walls of other kits or use is as scatter terrain.

This is the recon drone the next freebie.

The pump house is a large building kit.

The base of the kit has four large pistons joined to a rotating central gear that powers the pistons.

A video of it working can bee seen on the kickstarter page.