Privateer Press is nearly halfway through its 25th year. Not too bad for a company started on a whim by a couple of artists that just wanted to draw pictures of steam powered robots and wizards with guns.

In that time, Privateer has produced role playing games, miniatures games, card games, board games, magazines, books, paint and millions more models than we will ever be able to count. We’ve had our high points and our rough patches, and we have both the accolades and the scars that are garnered in the pursuit of doing great work. If there is one constant to Privateer, it is our commitment to following our creative muse in the hope that if we make something that we think is interesting and entertaining and inspiring, there are others that will think so as well, allowing us to continue to spend our time inventing new ways to roll dice while we avoid real jobs.

So far, so good.

But if there is a second constant that defines Privateer, it’s that we have always embraced change and adapted as our environment demanded so that we could carry on with our goals. Today we are unveiling a change that will redefine Privateer while at the same time reinforcing our ability to continue forward with the things we do best.

It is with great excitement that we are announcing that Steamforged Games has acquired the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine library of properties, including Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika, Riot Quest, Bodgers, and all associated board game, card game and fiction titles, as well as the Formula P3 hobby products line. Going forward, Privateer will continue to partner with Steamforged Games to develop Warmachine, the Iron Kingdoms RPG, and future products based on the vast intellectual property library that has sprung from the Iron Kingdoms. Privateer will also continue to manufacture Warmachine models while working with Steamforged Games to expand the materials the products are offered in as well as increasing availability in markets where Warmachine is not widely accessible.

Steamforged Games possess resources, market reach, and infrastructure that will allow the momentum that the MKIV edition of Warmachine has achieved so far to be maximized in the years ahead. Our partnership with Steamforged will enable Privateer’s development team to stay focused on the continued innovation of Warmachine. Privateer has worked closely with Steamforged Games to carefully craft this opportunity that will ensure the ongoing success of Warmachine, new potential for other titles within the Iron Kingdoms library, and ultimately, achieve more than the sum of our parts. And we are very excited for this next phase in the ongoing evolution of Privateer Press.

We know that this news is likely very unexpected and raises more questions than a press release and a blog entry can hope to answer all at once. For the long-term evolution of Warmachine, the IKRPG, and the other titles in the Iron Kingdoms pantheon, there is much to look forward to from this partnership between Steamforged Games and Privateer Press. 

As for the titles that are not under the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine umbrella this new partnership provides an opportunity for Privateer to recalibrate and find a better road forward in the continued growth of those brands. 

For the moment, we are eager to begin this next chapter in Privateer’s story and look forward to our partnership with Steamforged Games and all the possibilities the future holds for the Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine and more.

From here, we’d recommend reading Steamforged’s full announcement, which includes dates of next updates and where to sign up for further news.


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