Oblivion: A Retrospective

Oblivion is here.

The world is dismissing old hatreds and forming new alliances to combat the horrific infernals that are invading the world. Three new forces have taken to the battlefields, and that is by no means the end of the ramifications of this terrifying turn of event. But for the moment, let’s take a look at how the world and battlefield have shifted in the short time since the infernals have stepped onto Caen.

The infernals have brought with them the temptations of great power. For some, a soul is but a small price to pay for the favors of their new patrons. Khadoran royalty, Cygnaran nobles, and even the most faithful have turned traitor against their own allies in the Iron Kingdoms. In the Oblivion book, we see stories of not just the infernal masters but also of the turncoats who seek protection or power from their new masters.

Oblivion has brought with it new ways you can play WARMACHINE, and the Infernals debut as a Faction full of new mechanics, from destroying their own models to fuel their dark machinations to summoning horrors from the dark void of space midgame. They fight ruthlessly by tearing the very souls from their enemies’ corpses, and they grant a tithe of their power to the traitors of the Iron Kingdoms. In the Hearts of Darkness theme list, you can see what a future of corruption could mean for some of the warcasters of Caen. This theme list combines the forces of existing WARMACHINE armies with parts of the new Infernal army to create dynamic and potent alternative ways to play with already existing models.

However, Oblivion doesn’t just bring ruin. The threat of the infernals is so great that the gods themselves have sent archons to the Iron Kingdoms to aid in their defense. At least one of these powerful solo options can be taken in every Faction of WARMACHINE and HORDES—except for Infernals, of course. Menoth has gathered together his faithful from the Protectorate and Khador and sent his archons to help lead the Warriors of the Old Faith into battle. In this new theme list, you can freely combine the forces of Khador and the Protectorate of Menoth to create a force comprised of warjacks and cavalry from both Factions.

Dire times require setting aside old animosities in pursuit of simple survival. Sibling gods, Morrow and Thamar, have directed their followers to set aside their feud to band together and fight the infernal menace. In WARMACHINE, this alliance is represented by the Flames in the Darkness theme list in which a player can choose from any warcaster devoted to either Thamar or Morrow. In the game, this means you can combine aspects from the Mercenary, Khador, and Cygnar Factions along with brand-new Morrowan and Thamarite models.

With all these new forces battling for the fate of Caen, a new narrative begins to play out. In the Oblivion box set, you will also find everything you need to play a campaign that takes you through the first part of the infernal invasion. In the future, more campaigns will be available using the same campaign structure. In fact, here at Privateer Press, with the move finally behind us, we’re about to start a companywide Oblivion campaign.

I want to wrap up this retrospective with two army lists that show off the dual nature of Oblivion. In Hearts of Darkness, Lieutenant Gastone Crosse has been consumed by the infernal that resides within his cursed gun, whereas in Flames in the Darkness, he has devoted himself to Thamar to combat the infernals.

Which future will win out? That moment is still to come…