New Wargaming Accessory range from The Army Painter; laser line and laser pointer

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new Wargaming Accessory range. Created to help gamers with the vital tools to do battle on the tabletop.

First up we have the TL5015 Wargaming Markerlight Laser Pointer & the TL5016 Wargaming Targetlock Laser Line:


TL5015 Wargaming Markerlight Laser Pointer. Unless you are about 28mm tall, the TRUE LINE OF SIGHT can be very hard to establish and can lead to discussions at the gaming table. Well, no more. The compact Marker Light Laser Pointer will show you exactly what your models can see – no matter the terrain or battlefield – making it an absolute invaluable tool for Wargaming. 3 x batteries included!

TL5016 Wargaming Targetlock Laser Line. The TARGETLOCK Laser line is a fantastic aid for all types of wargaming. No more “seeing around corners” or avoiding difficult terrain in a charge. The Target Lock has multiple uses and will put an end to many discussions around the gaming table. 3 x batteries included!


Later on in the year we are releasing the TL5017 Wargaming Tape Measure RANGEFINDER and in early 2015 a range of Wargaming Battle Dice.


For pre-orders and more information:

For USA Customers:

For EUROPE Customers:

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