New One offs release for Slave 2 Gaming

G’day all,


Today is the release day for some of our new 28mm one off miniature range. This is a category where we show and sell figures from sculptors that could be a one off sculpt, or are not always the normal looking figure, or we just wanted to try working with a specific sculptor.

Todays release sees 5 different sculptors all sharing their work with us, let’s begin:


First off, we see the works of M.C.L. Both the Badlands Patrol Scout and the Wastelands Xenos Hunter are cast in metal and retail for AU$5

Second, we have Dmitry Malyshev, who has sculpted both of the Red Samurai Bears and the Elven Hunters. These are multi-part metal figures, each retailing for AU$5

Next, we have the Liquefaction team by Alan Maguire. This is a pack of 4 multi-part metal figures that I hope someday to expand to include a whole range of different ideas. This set retails for AU$20

Finally, we have John Oliver & Wheke, Voyager. Sculpted by Fancagne Didier & Ayral David. This was originally a part of the Kaha miniatures range but is now owned by Slave 2 Gaming. This pack of two multi-part figures is metal cast, retailing for AU$10.

Thanks for checking them out, these and all our other ranges of product are available at Slave 2 Gaming