Alternative Civil War – more new models

Alternative Civil War is a 28mm scale miniature skirmish wargame set in an alternate world. Impossible science collides with ancient powers and mythical beings clash with courageous soldiers over the American Civil War battlegrounds in a conflict that has transcended its own frontiers. In the latest updates, Ghost Train Games has been releasing more and more models for the Alternative Civil War campaign.
These are some of them:

Ponce de León is a highly detailed model, yet not baroque and overloaded. The anachronism of the breastplate and morion helmet over a modern uniform and the “flintlock pistol-like” revolver creates a contrast that reflects the duality of the Spanish faction.

Alternative Civil War - Ponce de Leon

Living Totems are huge multi-part models set on 50mm bases. They bring heavy hitting power as well as board control to the Natives and will be a gorgeous model in your collection once you set some colorful paint on it.

Alternative Civil War - Living Totem

Remember you can get these and other cool model from their Alternative Civil War Kickstarter campaign

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