Monsterpocalypse: Love at First Fight

It’s Valentine’s Day. You could go the traditional route with grocery store roses and whatever box of Transformers-themed chocolates is left at Walgreens. Or maybe you’ve made a little book of “love” coupons for your S.O. to redeem for free massages, their choice of pizza toppings, and keeping a ferret as a pet.


You can teach your partner to play Monsterpocalypse and spend the holiday knocking down highrises and crashing into industrial complexes. We know you get the symbolism. So, now come get the deal.

Today is the last day for our Monsterpocalypse Monstrous Building Bundles that’ll help you populate your cityscape. Skip shopping at the Love Shack—where the clerk looks like Cthugrosh and Terra Khan’s love child anyway—and shop at our online store.

And in the spirit of the day, here are some Valentine’s Day cards, just like the ones your mom made you take to school to give to all the other kids, even the ones you couldn’t stand, in your first-grade class. They even still have dinosaurs, aliens, and robots on them.

MonPoc Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day. Paint the town red before you destroy it!