Massive new update for Dystopian: Fleet Action Arrives

We are most pleased to provide you with the latest version of the Dystopian: Fleet Action (DWFA) fast-play rules, along with a host of updated model statistics.

For those unfamiliar with the rules, they are Spartan Games’ easy-to-learn, fast-action version of Dystopian Wars. Think of DWFA as a lot more streamlined than the ‘regular’ Dystopian Wars with a lot less rules, MARs, Munitions and Generators. It also dispenses with some mechanics such as Commodores and TAC Cards. While this does diminish the granularity of the game it brings a renewed focus on thinking tactically to get the most out of your forces.

The DWFA system allows you to get through a 1000 to 2000-point game a lot faster than in DW. Alternatively, it allows for very big games to be played without needing an entire day to do it – and we know how you DW players like to collect big forces! These rules re also perfect to be used as a way of introducing new players to the awesome Dystopian World setting.

When playing bigger games, you can really get the most out of the DWFA Battle Group system. When building your force in DWFA, you start off with a Core Battle Group. This must contain 1-2 Large Squadrons, 1-3 Medium Squadrons and 1-3 Small Squadrons. All Squadrons in a Core Battle Group must operate in the same theatre of war (so Naval, Armoured or Aerial).

Your force can contain as many Core Battle Groups as you want (and can fit in your Maximum Force Value) and for each Core Battle Group you have you can take a Narrative Battle Group. Narrative Battle Groups more restrictive in their composition, but do gain the advantage of additional special rules. For example, the Kingdom of Britannia Wolf Pack Flotilla consists of a Vengeance Submarine, a Squadron of Vanguard Submarines and a Squadron of Valiant Submarines. While it is a small Battle Group the Squadrons gain the Corrosive MAR on all Torpedo attacks!

Each faction has access to different Narrative Battle Groups, including access to Allied Battle Groups from other factions from the same alliance, be it Imperial Bond or Grand Coalition. Watch out for an upcoming thread on our Forum where we will be getting players to talk about their ideas for Narrative Battle Groups and to explain why the feel these models synergise well together.

While it is tempting to include lots of minimum strength Core Battle Groups to gain access to as many Narrative Battle Groups as possible there are downsides to this. Many scenarios award extra victory points for destroying entire Battle Groups, so more smaller groups mean more points available to your opponent, so choose wisely.

The latest version of the DWFA rules has been refined based on community feedback and feature a new damage table and revised MARs to better allow for different faction ‘flavour’ to be expressed. Working with our community has been an important part of the new DWFA 2.0 rewrite and we are very excited by the outcome.

All of our existing miniatures are included in the new ORBAT documents so anyone can give DWFA a try with their existing collection. New models, such as the recently announced Crimson League and North Star Scandinavian Teutonic Order (STO) and Dominion of Canada will be added when testing has been completed.

Armed with the stunning Dystopian Wars 2.5 Core Rulebook and the fast-play DWFA rules gamer are now fully armed with all they need to get countless hours of fun from their Dystopian model collections. Whether they are looking for 60 minutes of fast and furious or 180 minutes of gritty, detailed combat players now have easy access to the ideal rules solution from Spartan Games.

Happy gaming and may your dice be 6s and Red!

Check out our Downloads page for a raft of free Statistic PDFs… but why not grab the rules and check them out here.