Make your own Urban Dystopia – with HQ Resin!

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One of the recently released HQ Resin sets is another big “box” in the company’s offer – from series of large sets of terrain elements, the so-called “Diorama Resin Kits“.
This allows us to create larger fragments of playable terrains, dioramas or give a specific character to the entire environment on the game table.

Urban Dystopia – Diorama Resin Kit

This kit contains 3 car models and 82 other (YES, over 80!) resin elements that allow you to create dioramas or a realistic piece of the battlefield for tabletop miniatures games:

1 Crashed car
1 Truck 1x Police car
7 Barrels with toxic waste
18 Wheels (including 6 flat tire)
3 Sewer entrance
1 Shotgun in a cover
2 Beer crate
1 Sports bag
8 Hydrant
8 Road blockade
2 Rim
8 Traffic bollards
1 Police spike strip
8 Police barrier
1 Destroyed couch
1 Damaged armchair
1 Broken TV
10 Trash cans
1 Big bag of garbage
1 Stack of garbage bags

All elements are ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models as basing kits or diorama elements.
Suitable for various games in different settings (modern, cyberpunk, post-apo, dystopian future).

Almost all elements of this kit are also available in smaller thematic sets:


Hard City Hunting Trip Set

Hard City Road Accident Set

Hard City Police Blockade Set

Streets of Hard City Set


Traffic Bollards Set

Trash Cans Set

Police Barriers Set

Hydrants Set

Road Blockades Set



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