Kore BIG Vehicles Kickstarter – HAWG is sighted

Kore BIG Vehicles Kickstarter – HAWG is sighted!

The last in the Lineup of Vehicles for the BIG Vehicles KS is in sight – the Master 3d Print for the HAWG has landed, and its a beast!!

Around 140mm in Length

And an impressive height..  – APC is for scale purposes only, the Footprint is similar but the HAWG has far higher clearance and a real impact on the Table. That Pickup bucket takes a 40mm based miniature with ease, and you even have a couple of drop in options to simply slot in.

Missile Launcher drop in piece

Tarpaulin piece simply slots in and gives the HAWG a nicely rounded Transporter feel to it.

The Full lineup of Big Vehicles is quite impressive now – the RP01 4×4, the HAWG, Type 404 APC and the Goliath Heavy Transporter. The HAWG will come with both the Tarpaulin and Missile Launcher drop in as part of the Pledge and the Goliath has the potential for several trailers – from the Flatbed, the Tanker, Low Loader Transporter and Troop Transporters for starters.

  • Scenery and Miniatures for scale purposes only


Some extra firepower with your Transport? To help enhance the HAWG Missile Loadouts already considerable punch!


We have not only some excellent Pledges for multiple vehicles but also a superb STL only Pledge which gets you all of the above vehicles and all of the addon bits and pieces that go with them.

If you fancy putting 1 or 2 of these Awesome big vehicles down on your table in 15mm or 32mm – head over to;


And get your Pledge in!!