Khymaera Shadowflame Shard Preview

The Khymaera Shadowflame Shard is the next army to join the tabletop battles of WARMACHINE. Here we introduce you to the army itself, two of its warbeasts, and the first warlock of the Shadowflame Shard, all of which will be appearing in the WARMACHINE app this Wednesday and will be available in an upcoming Preview Battlebox very soon!

You can read more about the origin of the Khymaera faction in part one of Emergence, by Erik Reiersen, now available in the WARMACHINE app.


In the lightless depths of the deepest caverns beneath the Wyrmwall Mountains, a cancer has been flourishing unseen: an army of flesh-crafted dragonkin whose shapes and forms have been perfected by the influence of the power of the goddess of machines, Cyriss, and who have been trained and guided in the arts of subtlety and assassination by their creator Rhyas. Now they are forced to make their presence known. These patient killers had been biding their time, spreading unnoticed through the hive tunnels below. But a new force marches upon the surface world that threatens to swallow the essential resources necessary for their long-term plans. Stirred to action, this army of living weapons will turn their blades against any that stand in their way.

Rassyk, Spawn of Shadows

Shadowflame Shard Warlock

Rassyk was the first of the Khymaera’s army, born in the pitch-black tunnels a mile beneath the surface world. Created by Rhyas to be a bodyguard and executioner, his very being and essence is infused with and embodies the potent power of a dragon. He is a true believer in the cause and a ferocious combatant. His mind implanted with Rhyas’ memories of warfare and leadership, he not only serves as her protector but as a general of great cunning, one who is more than able to marshal their forces in her stead. Through extensive training and drills, he coordinates his beasts to protect troops and perform calculated misdirection, utilizing feints to capitalize on diverted attention to slip his beasts closer to their opposition.

  • Possesses Battle Plans
  • Has the spell Warpath
  • His sword Thanatos is a RNG 2″ POW 17 melee weapon with Critical Decapitation


Shadowflame Shard Heavy Warbeast

Rhyas found offensive magic was a valuable tool that never quite meshed with her fighting style; when she crafted her first beast, it was to supplement her more martial approach. This limbed serpent brings ancient Nyss folktale and myth to reality. The vypex is capable of gliding through enemy ranks with incredible speed and balletic grace, but it can also act as a spell battery, stripping enemy magics or marking targets with magical lures to help draw in her forces. Iterations of this warbeast have been known to have scything claws, impaling spikes, varied jaws, and even weaponized tails. With each attack, it pulls itself along, slithering closer and closer to its true targets that were thought to be safe in the back lines.

  • Has three options for offensive animi and an AAT 6
  • Can choose between hybrid offense/support roles or focus entirely on melee combat
  • Possesses the Innate Power and Steady special rules


Shadowflame Shard Heavy Warbeast

When the vypex proved too fragile when forced to stand toe-to-toe with powerful monstrosities, a sturdier beast was necessary. Although not as swift as a vypex, the hydrix makes up for it with durability and a greater variety of utility. Built to operate within the confines of tight corridors and treacherous terrain, the hydrix is capable of navigating any surface with no loss of combat potential. Designed with adaptability in mind, the regenerating warbeast can be tailored by any warlock to serve their meticulous specifications—whether ranged, melee, or a hybrid of the pair.

  • Possesses the Regeneration [d3] and Steady special rules
  • Can be customized with Overtake, Swift Hunter, or Flight
  • Has the option of a Toothy Maw RNG 1″ POW 18 melee attack with Sustained Attack

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