Insider 2-3-2014

Hey, folks!

I want to tell you a bit about creating a narrative and my epic Eiryss model. Even though I’m using the standard epic Eiryss miniature (admittedly, with the chimney and gargoyle base removed), I’ve chosen to use alternate colors that fit my army’s scheme and theme more closely.

While Eiryss is a perfectly viable mercenary choice for Khador, I couldn’t picture her working alongside the Butcher from a story perspective. My force is composed of Doom Reavers and madmen (you might remember my converted Man Hunter and Yuri miniatures from a previous Insider article), so a haughty Iosan seemed out of place.

Instead, I chose to imagine a new character for Eiryss to represent, allowing me to maintain my army’s theme and still have the tactical benefit of a super-assassin. Goodbye, Eiryss; hello, Ksenya, the Terror of Korsk!

While Orsus Zoktavir is the Empress Ayn Vanar’s bloody cudgel, Ksenya is her silent blade. A name best left unspoken, Ksenya haunts the snowy gables and palistrades of the imperial city, delivering death to traitors, conspirators, and perceived threats to the capital.

To differentiate Ksenya from Eiryss, I painted her cloak midnight rather than forest-green and replaced the brown leather strips of her hood with slashes of crimson. Likewise, Eiryss’ warm leathers and burnished armor became darker and more sinister, appropriate garb for a denizen of the night. Lastly, and perhaps most noticeably, I chose to paint Eiryss’ normally flesh-colored face as a terrifying white porcelain mask, each cheek with a bloody tearstain as a final touch.

Hopefully this article will inspire you to concoct your own narratives and paint schemes—go nuts!

See you at Lock & Load 2014!