GEO Mats by TABLEWAR – Live on KickStarter

TABLEWAR®, the developer of the popular FAT Mat and Tower Case product lines, has activated its forth KickStarter… the GEO Mats! The GEO Mats are a series of transparent overlays allowing a grid to be added to any surface. These are beautiful on top of gaming mats and allow for a significant enhancement to role-play games and grid-based miniature gaming. You can write on the GEO mats with wet-erase markers, grease pencils, bistro pens, etc.  Easily erase these marks. The GEO plastic material we have for this product rolls-up for storage but lays flat without curling and won’t crease; the perfect material for a gridded overlay. The grid-lines themselves are consistently accurate with no skewed dimensions; if we say it is 1″, it is 1″. Once more, we are also introducing bundled rewards with new FAT Mat designs specially designed with the role-play gamers in mind; a dungeon floor, an organic cave floor, and more. The GEO Mat is an innovation in that it brings extreme functionality, portability, and durability all together in a single, inexpensive product. Check out the KickStarter Campaign