GenCon Events – What to Expect

Gen Con 2019 is next week already—time has certainly flown as we approach the upcoming Oblivion. As such, I’d like to give everyone a look at how the impending changes to WARMACHINE and HORDES will affect the events as well as a look at what we’re offering in the events area.

With the release of all themes and the dynamic update being available to everyone with War Room, all WARMACHINE and HORDES events at Gen Con 2019 will run with the latest (post-Oblivion) version of the rules and themes. This will give players a chance to explore the new themes and play with the latest releases. We’ll have reminders at registration to ensure players know we’re playing with the new lists.

Our events still have plenty of space for people to show up and play. Each event has registration for 45 minutes, followed by a judge talk, and then the event will begin. To keep everything moving as fast as possible, no lunch breaks are scheduled within the tournaments; please bring snacks or find time quickly between rounds to get food. I also suggest bringing some form of headache medication, water, and snacks when you go to a tournament. Your body’s needs have to be met so you can be on the top of your game and to be a good sportsperson. Don’t forget to hydrate; I can’t stress this enough.

Iron Arena runs from 9:00 AM EDT until 6:00 PM EDT Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It runs from 9:00 AM EDT until 3:00 PM EDT on Sunday. Each game you play during that period that isn’t part of a tournament or event will give you skulls to earn prizes from the Iron Arena table. Buy some generic tickets, as each game you play will need a ticket when you report your game. All Privateer Press games will be acceptable for Iron Arena games, so bring your WARMACHINE, HORDES, Monsterpocalypse, Riot Quest, Company of Iron, Level 7, and Iron Kingdoms board games to play! Iron Arena games of WARMACHINE and HORDES can be played with whatever theme force option, pre- or post-Oblivion, the players choose.

For WARMACHINE and HORDES events, we have the following events during the convention.

  • On Thursday, the first Masters Dyad qualifier fires off next to the narrative event. Come watch the action as 16 players form two teams in the narrative to fight over a scenario developed and game mastered by Will Hungerford.
  • On Friday, we’ll execute the second Masters Dyad qualifier. Additionally, another of Will Hungerford’s creations takes off in the form of Casterdraft. Build your warcaster, warlock, or infernal master and prove you can draft the best combination of your dreams.
  • On Saturday, Champions Season 10 runs to completion to prove who is the greatest tactician with a limited roster to choose from.
  • On Sunday, the two finishers from each Masters Dyad Qualifiers will fight for supremacy to win it all. Will Hungerford returns with another run of the narrative event, which is sure to be as crazy as Thursday. Additionally, 8-player scrambles will be set up so you can get your gaming fix in, with focus tokens going to first through third place.
  • All tournaments, events, and scrambles will award skulls for Iron Arena as well as for completion of the event.

Monsterpocalypse isn’t to be left out in the fun during this weekend.

  • On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, a Crush Hour event to win exclusive clear resin Donut Industrial Complexes are available. Each is a 2-monster, 20-unit event.
  • On Sunday, 8-player scrambles and, if interest is there, a narrative event setup and run by Oz Schoonover.

We are located in Hall B, near the West Street Plaza entrance. Please stop by, have fun, and play some of our games!

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