Gen Con Was a Riot… Quest

You’ll have to excuse the title—it was just right there!

We have returned from our adventures in Indianapolis, and our party was very successful. Gen Con was our first chance to really show Riot Quest to the masses, and it turns out, you all really like it! Our demo stations were full the whole weekend and seemed to never slow down. It can be immensely fulfilling to see people go from a demo over to the store to pick up the game you’re showing off (which happened a whole lot), but it’s almost better to hear the yelling and fun that folks had while demoing.

Monsterpocalypse gave a strong second impression after releasing at Gen Con last year, and it also managed to keep its demo tables full the whole show. The Empire of the Apes and Uber Corp monsters and units went from shelves to bags and then to tables very quickly, as did a whole bunch of our special clear resin versions of past monsters. So, when you offer to let someone use a monster to throw another monster through a building, that’s about all the sales pitch you need to get them to sit down and play.

Our flagship game got a lot of attention as well in the form of the recent releases of the Infernals and the new Campaign Setting Box for Oblivion. Boxes had to be near constantly restocked onto shelves, and I am very eager to see people share the results of their campaigns (post that stuff on social media for all to see with #WMHOblivion) and how they turn out.

Speaking of Oblivion, the surprise cocktail of the same name was a blast at The Ram this year. All the special Oblivion cocktail glasses completely sold out, making them instant collector’s items. Working with Rich at The Ram and his mixologist to come up with a signature cocktail that actually smoked was super cool, and I’m excited to see what we can do for next year. Doesn’t hurt that the drink was also delicious. Big Red Ale featuring Sgt. Titanica made an impact as well, with a great-tasting beer and fantastic-looking shirts, growlers, and more to go with it.

As usual, the highlight of the show for me and the rest of the staff was our chances to hang out with all of you who were able to make it out and took time to come say “hi” or hang out for a while. Gen Con is an overwhelmingly positive experience for me every year because of these interactions, and I look forward to many more to come!