Free RPG Day is coming June 25! Can you lift the Curse of the Dread Marsh Crew?

This year Free RPG Day in June 25 in the US/Canada & July 23 for the UK/EU.
Loke Battle Mats are delighted to reveal more details about our involvement – Curse of the Dread Marsh Crew. This is a fun 5E adventure involving bad decision making, light fingers, locals with pitch forks, zombie pirates and a rather large dog called Snuffles.
And we give you everything you need to play (expect dice!)
The adventure is set in maps from our upcoming Box of Adventure – Coast of Dread. We include 2 maps and cut out tokens for our protagonists, adversaries and monsters. This is a 5E adventure and we also include hints and tips for playing and running 5E, as well as character sheets and lots of hints!
Want to get involved in #FreeRPGDay? You can find local stores who are participating on Saturday here –