Final hours of the Undercity Kickstarter including exclusive cathedral

Final weekend of the undercity kickstarter

The Under City is a new gaming system by Wargame-model-mods, it can double your play area and add a new dimension to your games. The set up provides you with a new upper play area supported above your current board using several towers, with your existing board acting as the lower play area.

These towers are very strong with a lattice structure and external cladding, they have large bases making them stable.

I have designed three complete versions for a wide range of games. A medieval / fantasy board, a grim dark / Gothic theme and a scifi / futuristic design, allowing these to be used with a large range of games..

This system is perfect for games such as, 40k, infinity, kill team, necromuda, AOS and other 28mm games.

The kickstarter also has a exclusive cathedral which will not be available after it finishes