Elven heads are out

Elves – one of the most ancient and powerfull races known. Tall, slender, very fast and agile, elven warriors are one of the fiercest and most proud adversaries one can face on the battlefield.


Let’s not forget about their incredibly long life-spam. Assuming they don’t die a violent death, they are capable of living even for thousands of years and are resistant to most diseases and various forms of physical mutations caused by Dark Gods. 
Elves are magically gifted creatures, and their wizards are able to control many different kinds of magic, their elements and other mysterious paths, unknown to the mere mortals.
Despite being so powerful, elves are all but extinct and there are not many of them left. Although they’re quite aware that their time is fading away, they’re still extremely proud, fierce and majestic kind. Truely a race to be reckoned with.
Bits designed to fit 28mm “heroic” miniatures.

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