DGS Games’ Kickstarter “Snakes and Skulls!”

Brand New Kickstarter Featuring Shakrim Faction

DGS Games has just started their eighth Kickstarter featuring a new faction for it’s Skirmish game Freeblades.  This new faction is the Shakrim Wavestalkers, a race of people that found their way to the Shakrim Isles and were then gifted by the Great Shakkamal with changes to their Physiology that aligned them with the snakes and lizards of their new island home.

These Shakrim excel at hit and run combat.  Their speed and ferocity make them great pirates, and they excel at defending their home islands against invaders and treasure hunters who have heard rumors of the riches of the Shakrim.

The first goal is to fund the six figures shown below:  From left to right, the Spitter, The Nerodix, The Tilik, The Viperon, the Steelfang, and the Shellback.  You can pledge here.

A Second Faction in the Stretch Goals!

The first six stretch goals for the Kickstarter will give us a second new Faction, the Kandoran Deathmasters! Kandorans use their Necromancy to raise the dead to serve in the army and help build the great Kandoran cities.  Their warriors are a mix of the living and dead.  Shown below are the Oppressor, the faction’s leader, and the Jackal Priest, their Necromancer.


What’s Next?

After the first six stretch goals we’ll alternate one Shakrim and one Kandoran model to fill out the factions.  After that?  Well, we’ve got some really cool models that we’re going to throw at you!


Bonus Items!

If you make a pledge of at least $40 you will also receive a coupon to get free Freeblades rulebook!  Also, everyone who pledges to at least the $40 dollar level by 11am CST on Tuesday January 8th will receive their choice of A special item artifact card!  Check out our facebook page for more deals and announcements as we fund our biggest Kickstarter ever!