Crowd control

Anti-riot Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an extremely versatile and relible carrier. It’s durable construction, thick armor, boosted engine and a wide range of weaponry, allow it to operate pretty much anywhere: hive city ruins, hazardous wastelands, venomous jungles, open plains, stormy deserts – you name it.

It’s quite often a vehicle of choice for officers and higher ranked field commanders, while planning a long term campaign. Anti-riot IFV performs it’s duty flawlessly, making it a perfect transport and fire support for heavy infantry, and all kinds of specialized units.

It’s weapon options include twin-linked rocket launchers/gatlings/laser guns, as well as side mounted heavy cannons to give the troops even more fire support.

Whole squads of IFV’s are often used as an ideal shock weapon, capable of breaching seemingly impossible terrain and obstacles, just to launch devastating strikes behind the enemy lines.

The model is cast in high quality resin and will work with most 28mm “heroic” miniatures ranges. Parts include different weapon variants / details as well as optional side sponsons (with rocket launchers and sponsons dimensions are 81×86.5x126mm).

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