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 Dweghom: Dragonslayers (Dual Kit) 36USD/EUR

Clad in armor forged in a bygone age when dragon fire was the greatest threat to a warrior, every vulnerable part of a Dragonslayer is covered in alloys not seen since the breaking of the world. The weapons they bear were those used by their Ancestors to pierce the nigh invulnerable hides of the Elder Dragons.

 Dweghom: Thanes (Dual Kit) 36USD/EUR

Only the greatest of Thanes could hope to aspire to the rank of Dragonslayer, and no single Dweghom, not even the eldest Mnemancers, has the standing to recommend the elevation of a Thane to their ranks: they must rather be chosen by the unanimous acclaim of their peers; their valor and prowess so indisputable that even the greatest of the Dweghom warriors would not contest their ascendance to this elite force.

Dweghom: Tempered Steelshaper 20USD/EUR

For many in the Tempered Caste, the Steelshaper represents the pinnacle of Dweghom development, but the sad truth is that none of those who aspire to this lofty title and incredible achievement truly understands what the transformation entails.


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