Conquest: More than boxes with minis

Every Conquest box has more than minis inside. Not only do you get for free all the components necessary to essentially “plug-and-play” (with “plug” here standing for the hours of hobby time you get to spend with your minis!), inluding the Command Cards, Round Bases and Square Stands, but each box of Conquest is the entry point to so much more, including two game systems, ready for FREE download:

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings – For fast-paced regimental Mass Combats!
Conquest: First Blood – Playing a Skirmish combat, while still playing a Conquest battle!
– A FREE Army Builder, linked to the QR codes on your Command Cards.
– And a Living World platform, where the community of Conquest get to influence the lore of Conquest every week, deciding for the world’s characters!