Concept to Crate: Lil’ Fenris

“When I grow, I’ma be Butcher 7!”

 “Ha ha ha! More like Old Witch 92!”

 “What about you?”

 “When I grow up, I’m going to be Fenris 2.”

So it was declared, firm and confident.

The souls of children are a particularly tragic loss in the Iron Kingdoms, and some believe such horror can be found represented by gremlins, who wreak their own kind of havoc upon the material world, creating mayhem and confusion like evil children running around a playground. They continue to play like the young things they once were, games like Gun Mages and Gobbers or even an all-time favorite in which they play knights upon their mighty steeds; the citizens of the IK would come to call this game’s participants Neighslayers.

The game of “neighslaying” has been taken to a new level by the one called Lil’ Fen. He rides to war atop a nightmarish hobby horse and wields a pair of fellblades that make obnoxious noises in his head, eliciting random giggles from him for no discernible reason. Even his fellow gremlins reluctantly laugh in awe at the brilliance of slaying all those he faces upon the playgrounds of the Iron Kingdoms. Rider and hobby horse—which is barely recognizable after being dug, broken, out of a garbage pile—make a slightly insane but lethal pair, one liable to show up anywhere the grymkin are present, bringing with them their own savage style of playground justice.

While the sculpt is heavily inspired by the doom reaver dragoon, Lil’ Fenris is intended to be an alternate sculpt for the Grymkin Neighslayer unit leader. This model is available only through our MiniCrate subscription service until October 19th.