Brutal Cities Presents New Wave of Wargaming Terrain! Black Friday Sale On Now

New Wargaming Terrain for all 28-35mm Systems

The Bruteopolis Range has now extended with the release of new 28-35mm scale wargaming terrain from Brutal Cities. Brutalist inspired and designed to suit multiple game systems, these kits are easily assembled for quick gameplay.

Warhammer 40k Urban Terrain. City Under Attack By Iron WarriorsIron Warriors assault an Imperial City

Introducing the Adamant Complex Terrain

Adamant Fortification Terrain

Modular Scifi, Fantasy and Modern Wargaming Terrain

The Adamant Complex is a new subrange of kits designed to quickly and easily section off your tabletop with modular walls and fortifications.

Choose from concrete and stonework textures for your wargaming terrain table. Ruined wall variants include detachable sections, adding an immersive detail for when a breach occurs. Perfect for narrative games, these sections are easily removed while remaining sturdy, thanks to the double layered MDF!

  • Concrete wall modules include gated long and short sections, bunker sections with firing ports, and ramparts with ladders to let patrolling units observe the battlefield.
  • Stonework versions are ideal for both sci-fi and fantasy settings. The kits include long walls, short walls, wooden textured ramparts with ladders. Optional crenelations for a medieval fortification.
Fantasy Wall Modular Terrain with Lord Of the Rings Miniatures

Modular walls can be combined with walkways and battlements for fantasy!

The Adamant Wall interlocks and can be positioned between 90 and 180 degrees. The buttresses provide rigidity at right angles.

The L Fortification provides cover to your troops as they shelter from the elements and enemy attack. The open back makes deployment easy.

Create a formidable fortress with the Adamant Complex by combining the Adamant Wall and L Fortification for narrative play, or use the L Fortification separately to block LOS on the battlefield.

New Wargaming Terrain Buildings

The 305 Sunshine Alley and Bruteopolis Plaza Tower Section provide convenient and easy interior access. Place your troops inside the terrain by removing the rear wall. No more fiddling around with stacking terrain modules!

Terrain with Playable Interiors and removable wall

Remove the back wall to access playable interiors!

The 305 Sunshine Alley kit is an office building with a recessed underground club entrance. With three levels of various nooks and an internal elevator car, your miniatures have plenty of hiding places!

Easy Access Brutalist Tower Terrain

Connect two Towers with a bridge to have Block Wars!

The Bruteopolis Plaza Tower Section terrain kit is an easy way to recreate block wars, Dredd style! First, move your squad between tower blocks with the mountable long bridge. Other accessories include large 4 signage and window cleaning/maintenance platforms.

Wargaming Terrain – New Scatter and Accessories

A new architectural bus shelter provides the citizens of your city with a slick place to shelter while they wait for the bus. Subway entrances with a removable blast door give you the option to turn the metro system into a nuclear bunker!

Brutalist and Sci-fi Urban Terrain

Bruteopolis in all its glory!

Concrete roadblocks and barriers. Medium ducting accessory kits and acrylic lights. Defensive turrets and garbage bins. We have you covered for your scatter terrain needs!

Black Friday

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