The Arrival of The 9th Age

The 9th Age - Undying Dynasties

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age – Undying Dynasties

Ours is a violent, cruel world. None the less, worth fighting for it’s survival. The nations of mankind fought for centuries to preserve the beauty and life in Vetia. We, men, we fought against orcs, elves of the dread kin, undying monstrosities, beasts, and we fought unimaginable nightmares! We fought to preserve Sunna’s most precious inheritance: Life and Beauty themselves. That is your sublime duty, young knight: to fight, without rest, to protect and die for Sunna!
– Augustine of Pontefreddo, priest of Sunna

The Ninth Age is not just a game with a set of free rules. It is also a living, breathing world, with each faction represented in the rules also having their own culture, history, linguistic traditions and place. Each contributes to the rich tapestry of the world, a comprehensive fantasy setting, with gods and daemons, elves and dwarves, orcs, goblins and much more. Revealed over time through our narrators, the Ninth Age allows you to discover this setting over time, through the insights in our Army Books. Discover The 9th Age.

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is a 28mm table top battle game. As long as the base size is correct you can use any miniatures you want, no matter which company produced it. If you are unsure which models to use take look at our miniature library. There is also an extensive list of a variety of miniatures producing companies to browse through: List of Miniature Companies. This wiki is of course a continuous “Work in Progress” and gets updated regularly.

The barrier of entry is too high for you? Collecting so many miniatures is too daunting a task? Don’t worry, our upcoming starter army lists enable you to play a simplified and faster game that doesn’t need as many miniatures. You can then learn the rules and build your army step by step, together with your friends. It’s right around the corner, see here: 9th Age Starter Edition Coming Soon!

But you can also already play full-sized battles, even if you don’t have enough miniatures yet: Universal Battle is an online war gaming platform that allows you to fight battles with 9th Age players from all over the world.

What makes 9th Age special? Why should this game catch your attention among so many other different systems?

  • 9th Age is based on a brand new fantasy world populated by traditional    fantasy races with an overwhelming quantity of constantly evolving background, including two complete armybooks and 14 army lists for the remaining factions (more complete armybooks to be announced in the future);
  • You’ll get an astonishing quantity of material for free, which will include a    detailed rulebook and/or entry-level rules for beginners.  It’s    your choice.
  • You’ll get the support of the community based services in every aspect of your hobby, not to mention the chance to use    armies and miniatures by some of the best manufacturers in the world, all of them in the same rule set and setting;
  • You will be part of an ever-growing international community that already numbers over 8.000 hobbyists registered on our forum, passionate about a fascinating hobby which supports both narrative and tournament play. You can also use the mapping feature on our forum to get in touch with thousands of people from all over the world who are already part of the community.
  • The 9th Age has been conceived to cater to all kinds of gamers from the start. From a complex and sophisticated battle system where the strategically minded can shine to an ample field of opportunities to roleplay and to write your own story.
  • Hundreds of shops around the globe organize competitive events for those of you more bent on conquest – including the most famous of all, the European Tabletop Championship. But the big US Masters tournament is also already getting organized.

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