Announcing The Terrain Set – Build your Own Battle Maps

The Terrain Set  – Build your own Battle Maps – is live on Kickstarter now!

The campaign is here –

The terrain set comprises 2 RPG map books, 80 map pages and 4 pages of 80+ reusable scenery add-ons to create customized maps in moments.

The books feature plain terrain maps and are wipe clean thus wet & dry marker safe. The books feature Loke’s innovative 360° spine, so each page can be used individually, and the books lay completely flat (open or folded in half), prefect for using miniatures!

The reusable scenery are static clings which can be added or removed in moments. Combining these with the terrain maps creates unrivalled flexibility for Game Masters, scenes can be created in seconds and the maps adapted easily as the encounter unfolds.

Key Features

  • 2 Lay flat, wipe clean Books of Battle Mats ®
  • 80 map pages featuring terrain maps
  • 4 pages with 80+ reusable scenery clings
  • Create any map in moments!
  • Two books combine to create 24×24” maps!

This is the first time we have included pages of our famous add-on scenery as pages in our map books, and the result is a build your own map set which allows GMs to create engaging and beautiful encounter scenes with ease.

And there’s more!

As well as The Terrain Set we are creating several other brand new products as part of this campaign!

The Little Book of Battle Mats – Destinations & Curiosities

This 6×6” tome of handy maps features a host of destinations, treasures, traps, and other points of interest to investigate! Perfect for random encounters and as a surprise addition to larger maps. Like its larger counterparts, The Little Book is wipe clean and lays completely flat thanks to its 360° spine.

Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps – Ruins

In addition to the Add-On Scenery pages in the Terrain set we are producing a stand-alone pack of our famous add-on scenery decals. The ruins pack features fantasy ruins, walls, rubble and associated detritus can is perfect for creating beautiful bespoke scenes.

Game Master Screen – Terrain & Random Encounters

With artwork by our cover artist James Hayball, this GM screen features a stunning terrain landscape, and on the reverse a host of handy random tables of encounters to use in any adventure at moment’s notice.

The Terrain Set is live now !

The campaign is already fully funded, and our stretch goals are adding extra sheets of add-on scenery. And our backers are helping us decide what to include on those sheets 😊