Kalidasia: Albion Under Siege is Available for Sale

This is an Empire Under Siege….This is Kalidasia….


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Operation Octavius has failed. The Surakari turned captured asteroids into weapons and bombarded the surface of Kaylynn Six. Despite defenders holding off the aliens at Albion 8 and Cadre 4, the situation is still fragile.

Albion Under Siege continues the story of the battle for the Albion Prefecture as the Surakari renew their assault on Albion 8 and target the political world of Cadre 3. This expansion for Kalidasia Fleet Commander introduces those two new planets, five new command cards, and more warship tokens in order to fight even larger battles.

The fate of Albion still hangs in the balance. Command your fleets and make the choice to defend or destroy the Heragul Empire.

This is an Empire Under Siege….This is Kalidasia….