2024 Formula P3 Grandmaster Round-up

AdeptiCon has wrapped, and with it, a spectacular event full of epic battles on battlements alongside new heroes taking a swing at a very persistent Blighterghast. While folks took on those challenges and faced off against their friends both new and old in games throughout the weekend, others also took the opportunity to show how they’d leveled up on the hobby side.

Those who came to show off their skills and get feedback on their next steps entered some staggeringly beautiful hobby work—work that bears sharing here, so those who might not have been able to attend can see the dedication and inspired work being accomplished by members of our community.

“Competition” is in the name, but we’ve always striven to instill the notion that what you’re up against is really your own previous best efforts. When we provide feedback, you may have noted we don’t compare your work to anyone else’s on display—only what you’ve submitted and, when solicited, where to go from there.

This year, we were blown away by the artistry on display at all levels, and we found it easy to admire different aspects of every entry. You can see all the entries in the gallery below, and we invite you to join us for the next Grandmaster event especially if it’s your first time entering!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights.

Your 2024 Formula P3 Grandmaster is Kwan Ho Kim. His masterful execution of capturing the emotion and what can only be described as the soul of Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich continues to astonish us. Take a moment to appreciate the fine details and additional battle damage, and note the sense that he’s about to raise that other hammer and charge at any moment.

Kwan Ho Kim

The tiny scratches and damage that have depth and other details are amazing.

Kwan Ho Kim with a well-deserved Grandmaster title and trophy!

Each model entered is judged on its own merit. And while there is only one Grandmaster each year, any number of models can receive Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards. The other unique callout is that each judge has a coin for Recognition of Artistry that, regardless of any other awards, the judges can use to recognize and reward a submission for something that spoke to them about the entry.

John’s Recognition of Artistry selection: Sean McAfee—Sorscha Bust

Sean is known for the use of color and bringing vibrancy to a model. Sorscha is no exception, but the real stand out for me is the execution of detail and the natural look of her face. Seeing this model in the case and getting to study it was a treat and is inspiration to get back to working on my own models.

Sean McAfee

Charles’ Recognition of Artistry selection: Kwan Ho Kim—Orsus Zoktavir

This artist not only won our competition but also displayed a mastery of the painting arts across all three of his entries. While clinching the win with his Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich, all of his entries displayed the skills to win.  The emotional depth portrayed in the faces of his entries instantly caught my eyes, as did the consistency of light, color balance, and technique. The entire weekend, his painting entries wowed those who stopped to take in his entries and were an absolute pleasure to see. Thank you, Kwan, for sharing your artistic talent and skills with us this AdeptiCon.  I’m looking forward to seeing what beautiful models you might share with us at future shows.

Kwan Ho Kim

Doug’s Recognition of Artistry selection: Zambies Decays—Blighted Bather

One of the fun aspects of judging the P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition is that recognition coin. While there are not specific rules for it, I have my own parameters that I apply when picking a model. This year, I picked out a handful of models that I liked the most and then took on the difficult challenge of narrowing it down to one. This year, Zambies Decays created a very atmospheric piece with what felt like a scene from a dark and scary movie—complete with blood on the floor, a shadowy feel, and a seductive villainess waiting in the middle…of the tub. So, after applying my very strict parameters, I selected the Blighted Bather as the recipient of my recognition coin!

Zambies Decays

Loren’s Recognition of Artistry selection: Sam Lenz—Lord Barnabas

Sam showed great skill in multiple mediums with this work—from the painted background, the skilled construction of the basing that perfectly frames the model, and the paint job itself. All of these things came together with an eye for composition. In a sea of strong competition, I found myself returning to this model again and again. Great work!

Sam Lenz

Although a limited number of entrants are called out here, all entries had something worth noting regarding the elements and the skill brought to the models. Check out the gallery below to see all the entrants, and hopefully you, too, will be inspired to take the next step on your hobby path!

See you next year!

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