World War III: Soviet – New Releases

Soviet Starter Force (Plastic) (TSUAB04)

This Starter Force Contains:

Five T-80 Tanks, Two BMP-3 Scouts, Three Spandrel Anti-tank Vehicles, Two Gaskin AA Vehicles, Two Mi-24 Hind Helicopters, Two SU-25 Frogfoot Aircraft, Eight Rare-earth Magnets, Five Decal Sheets, One Complete A5 Rulebook, One Soviet “Start Here Booklet” and Ten Unit cards


T-55AM Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX22)

The T-55AM tank has received a vast array of modernisations, including additional semi-reactive armour plating on the turret and hull front, an improved engine, new fire control, new laser rangefinders, stabilisers, and the ability to fire the AT-10 Stabber (9M117 Bastion) tank fired missile through the main gun.


TOS-1 Thermobaric Rocket Launcher Battery (TSBX25)

Built on a T-72 chassis, the TOS-1 or “Buratino” has exceptional mobility and protection, combined with twenty-four 220mm thermobaric rockets. A single TOS-1 can effect the complete destruction of a 600m by 400m area, and is capable of destroying an entire NATO company in defensive positions.

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