Who’s the Boss?! at Lock & Load GameFest 2019

Hello, fellow Lock & Loaders! My name is Tyson Koch; you may know me from the Las Vegas Open WARMACHINE events and various hobby blogs or as a game accessories purveyor and the occasional podcast ne’er-do-well. I come to you now to expound the wonders of the Who’s the Boss?! event at Lock & Load this year!

For about a year, I’ve been pestering Privateer Press to add more casual events to the L&L roster. After all, casual players make up a large portion of the attendees at L&L, and I figured if I wrangled out a little space and time, we could spice things up a bit for everybody.

Who’s the Boss?! (WTB) is a casual format where you build an army without a warcaster/warlock. Each round of the event, you randomly generate a warcaster/warlock from ANY Faction to add to your army. This leads to all kinds of craziness. Vlad2 in Convergence—yes, please! (Rasheth, not so much…) And that’s not the only form this chaos comes in: free spins, switch ’casters with opponents, Dealer’s Choice, 50´-tall Haley, and much more! Note that this is not meant to be a “balanced” format. Your job is to make the best of whichever ’caster you get dealt. But never fear: if you get a less than optimal selection, it doesn’t mean your chances are sunk!

WTB is about scoring points via “Achievements.” This is a list of things you can do each game that will score you points, winning a game being the least of them. The person who scores the most points over the four rounds of the event will be the winner (i.e., the Boss!). But that’s not the only victory to be had, and we’ll have a few different prizes to hand out. Please see the rules and army score sheet for more details.

I’m very excited to see everyone again this year at L&L. Hopefully you’ll have some time to join the fun, or at the very least stop by and say hi!

Event details (Subject to change; please see schedule at Loc)

  • Saturday, 9 a.m. check-in. Caster Generation and wait list fill at 9:45 a.m. Dice roll at 10 a.m.
  • Random pairings, 4 rounds fixed
  • Sign up via the registration sheet at the Iron Arena table, 64-player cap

The rules for Who’s the Boss?! can be found here; and here is a sample Army Score Sheet. Sign up for Lock & Load GameFest 2019 to make sure you don’t miss out on this or any of the amazing events being run all weekend long!