My son and I have been playing games for a long time! We love gaming. But many games can be frustrating. Some can be very very expensive. Others have complicated rules that are hard to follow. Or the rules keep changing, so your favorite army and tactics don’t work any more. Many games are so slow to play they don’t feel like fast paced combat. Or you don’t know why these armies are fighting.

Several years ago, we set out to create a game that took the best traits of our favorite games and eliminated things we didn’t like. What did we come up with?

  • Realistic Yet Easy Rules – Rules fit on a two sided “cheat sheet” for quick reference
  • Fast Paced – Smaller games can be over in about 20 minutes! Too short? Don’t worry. Longer games will have more miniatures
  • Story – Set in a horrific near-future, you are defending the United States … or maybe you’re invading …

We are looking to launch Incursion: America later this year on Kickstarter. As we get closer to launch, I will post articles that will walk you through many aspects of the game and the design process that got us here.

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